A completely new way to make your dog feel at home

Pet parent checklists, free online vet consultations, expert product recommendations, guides, advice, and more. All tailored just for your dog.

One size does NOT fit all

Are you a new dog parent or an experienced one? From purse pups to colossal canines, we customize your experience to you and your dog.

Luna the Labrador

Knowing Luna and her mom, here's what we suggest:

  • A worry-free first-time dog parent checklist

  • Harness recommendations for excitable jumpers

  • At-home grooming advice for healthy & shiny coat

Walter the Supermix

Walter is a senior who loves snuggling so we suggest:

  • Coziest beds and blankets for pro-nappers

  • Food recommendations for small senior dogs

  • Wisdom Panel Premium to detect genetic conditions

Dusty the Shepherd Mix

Based on other active dogs like Dusty, we suggest:

  • Training tips for intelligent breeds with boundless energy

  • WHISTLE™ GO Explore to track all those miles

  • Chat with experts for advice on tick prevention

Learn all about your dog and their breed(s)

Ever wondered where Poodles come from? Or why they get haircuts like that? We have the answers for you!